Hardware Services

With a heritage of supporting the most demanding of environments, DPS has attracted and developed the most capable and tenured service organization. Our business model is based around the customer and the same holds true for service. Service is no longer a break-fix world. By leveraging our expertise with the products we represent and our independence as a dealer, DPS is able to make decisions regarding service, putting you, the customer, first.

We employ four basic principles within our service operation:

1) We value uptime and getting the copies between calls over parts usage. Your time and our time is more valuable to us than saving money by trying to over extend the life of the parts that go into your system. If we can maximize your productivity by having your system operate at its maximum level, we will benefit through your productivity.

2) Preventive Maintenance: Every system we service has a schedule to replace specific parts, as well as make any needed adjustments, clean, etc. We follow these manufacturer’s service standards very closely, and in turn your system will operate better.

3) Be there when you need us and stay there until its fixed. Our roots are in the production print world. In this environment we know that when you need service, it’s critical, and until your system is operational deadlines can’t be met.

4) We don’t hide from our customers. In every department from dispatch, to billing, sales, and service, we are available for you. Our department leaders and team members are local and committed to work with you on any and all situations that arise.


Office technology today is more than simply a piece of equipment. Software solutions today enable companies to achieve more with their equipment than ever before. Software itself is only part of the solution. The DPS analyst team takes a proactive approach in providing customers a solution tailored to their specific needs. Our process, like every aspect of our business, is driven by the customer.

1. We Listen. Instead of bringing in a team of subject matter experts, we first take the time to listen to your goals and objectives. We then take the time to be sure we understand your goals and your budget. We realize it’s our duty to be a responsible vendor and business partner.

2. We Validate. We present you an outline of the solution and the specific benefits it will provide your organization. This outline details how it will impact your business. Basically, what you can expect from us and what we need from you.

3. Pricing. Once we know we have the solution that you desire, we provide a price that includes every aspect of the solution. We know that no one likes unexpected charges.

DPS has partnered with the leading software companies to provide you truly customized solutions. RSA, eCopy and Objectif Lune are but a few of these companies. As an authorized Oce dealer, DPS has complete access to all of Oce’s unique software solutions and complete manufacturer support. Again, our ability as a manufacturer independent company affords us the opportunity to leverage our independence for your benefit.


Copier manufacturers make their money by selling what comes off of their assembly lines. Digital Print Solutions shares in the growth of their customers.

This is the basis of DPS rental philosophy. DPS will place high-end late model production equipment in your business without requiring you to purchase or enter into a long-term lease.

Our objective is to obtain and maintain a healthy customer base, which allows us to share in your growth.

Please inquire about our color and black and white production systems that you can utilize in your business.